This is just a fraction of my work in recent years. I've been lucky to have conducted thousands of interviews and logged thousands of miles as a journalist and will continue to update this page as the journey continues! 



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A short documentary I wrote and produced about how Tesla has become such a polarizing company. One side sees a savior, the other believes it’s a fraud.





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Bulletproof Backpacks, Armed Teachers, 2.6 Billion Dollar "School Security" Industry: Our New Reality

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Private vendors cash in on prisoner care packages



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School Bus Drivers Deserve Higher Pay

There's a national school bus driver shortage, so I explored what it takes to do the job for Attn. Short answer: these people deserve a lot more respect.





How Do People in Russia Feel?

I spoke to people in Moscow about Trump, Putin, and US-Russian relations. 





Strawberry Mansion

Kevin Upshur transformed this building in one of Philadelphia's most poverty stricken neighborhoods into a learning center for youth. 


The Philly Urban Creators

This collective of artists and organizers feed their community and provide opportunity for the formerly incarcerated at their "Life Do Grow" urban farm. 


A Fighting Chance

ER doctors and nurses volunteer their time to teach first-aid skills for bystanders of gun violence in Philadelphia. 


Stolen Time: Injustice In Brooklyn

I produced, wrote, and hosted this short documentary profiling 3 men wrongfully convicted of crimes in Brooklyn, New York. 


"El Sexto"

The Performance Artist Fighting For Cuba’s Freedom


2016 REEL

A sampling of my reporting covering the 2016 election, traveling to Cuba for President Obama's historic visit and interviewing politicians and celebrities in the HuffPost Live studio. 



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Masha Gessen

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Bryan Fogel, Director "Icarus" Documentary

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Isabel Allende


Bernie Sanders 


President Jimmy Carter 


Mahershala Ali 


Katie Couric


Glenn Greenwald



Matt Taibbi 


Big Boi


Larry King



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