How the #CNNBlackmail Scandal Exposed America’s Dark Side

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5 Things You Need to Know About Trump and Putin’s First Date

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What Do Disneyland, The White House, and Silicon Valley All Have In Common?

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Happy Birthday America! Now it’s Time to Grow The F*ck Up

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The NRA’s Terrifying Ad is a Declaration of War Against Liberalism in America

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It’s Confirmed. The Rest of the World is Embarrassed For Us

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Cringeworthy Fox News Interview With Trump Was an Embarrassment to Journalism

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“I Don’t Want You to Get Shooted”. Terror Through the Eyes of a Child.

A new harrowing video shows Philando Castile’s girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter in the back of the police car after his death.”

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4 Major Lessons Democrats Must Take From the Georgia Special Election

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Jeff Bezos and Amazon Could Be Paving The Way For a Dystopian Nightmare

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Alex Jones is a Problem, But America’s Ignorance is an Even Bigger One

Megyn Kelly’s interview with the InfoWars founder was tough, but didn’t strike at the root of the issue - the appeal of conspiracy theories and distrust of news

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Women, Uninterrupted

Why do we need conferences and organizations for women? Because even female Senators like Kamala Harris are still being silenced by their male peers.

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“Fair and Balanced” Fox News Has Brand New Slogan to Troll Americans With

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After 15 Years of War it’s Time to Ask What Are We Doing in Afghanistan

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CNN Tolerates Jeffrey Lord’s Lies, But Fires Reza Aslan Over Profanity

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The Rebirth of James Comey

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Why Are We Still Using the Espionage Act?

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Trump’s Great “American Idea”? Profit Off The Presidency

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Megyn Kelly Had Freedom Russian Journalists Don’t, Yet Failed to Hold Vladimir Putin to Account

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Yes, I said we need to “move on” from the Russia hacking story. That doesn’t mean ignore it. Let me explain. 

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According to James Clapper, being Russian makes me genetically predisposed to being sketchy

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There goes the planet. Maybe?

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No, Vladimir Putin is not the greatest threat to America

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Trump’s Failures Won’t Win Democrats More Votes

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